I don’t even think these guys realize how strong they are. Awesome group and atmosphere. When I’m in Oregon this is the one place i’ll make sure to visit!!!
— Shaheen Hashemian (California Strength)
Great people, great atmosphere. Coach Swartz is a fantastic teacher, and the rest of the team members are very supportive. These are the kind of people that you see every single day but don’t get sick of, and I would recommend anyone interested in pursuit of strength and wellness to join
— Stephen Ellis
Coach Swartz came to my gym for a 2 hour, hands-on seminar to help us improve our Olympic lifts, and he definitely delivered. Every single one of us set a new PR by the end of the 2 hours of instruction. His coaching was clear, concise, and very effective. He definitely knows his stuff!!
— Drew Saggs (CrossFit at the Shop)
I came to Corvallis on a month-long vacation and found Chris Swartz was available to help me with my Olympic lifts. I really enjoyed being able to focus on my technique and have someone knowledgeable to watch and correct me. I recommend anyone looking to improve their lifting skills, come check our Iron Beaver Weightlifting! (hint....all you CrossFitters out there!) ;)
— Sarah Archer
Chris Swartz has been working with my son from early in 2015 and the results have been amazing.  My son is 14 and a big little kid, around 6’2” and 200lbs, he is accustomed to working out in various sports but I have never seen him workout and be so truly tired after a normal workout with Chris.  Chris has an amazing talent to hold him accountable and push him to the point just short of giving up.   He understands kids young, and old and gets the most out of them.  My son was late once, he made him work for it, not letting him push  an excuse to his parents.   I can see the results at football camp, no longer is my son a soft boy trying to make it, but a young man flipping tires and pulling sleds with skill and intensity.   If you have a kid and want a coach with skill and interpersonal skills he is your man, love Chris to death and can’t wait to resume his training program as soon as the season ends.  Really appreciate all he does and gives to my son. It’s what he really needs during this stage in his life. Someone to listen and develop in him intensity, hard work, technique and strength.
— Ed Fulford
Working with Chris has been a great experience. He has helped me increase my squat, bench, and deadlift faster than I ever thought possible while training on my own. Through his programming and coaching, I have made constant and steady progress on all of my lifts. Every workout is exciting and never monotonous, as Chris changes the routine and incorporates different lifts and exercises that are challenging and that work towards making progress. Not only is Chris knowledgeable on programming and technique, but he does a great job at gauging effort and knowing my limits; I always leave a work out feeling like I accomplished a lot that day, without feeling that I was pushed too far. He does it all— the only thing you have to worry about is showing up and being willing to put in the work to make the progress. I highly recommend Chris to anyone who is serious about reaching their weightlifting, powerlifting, or fitness goals!”
— Federico Franco