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Advanced Tapering Programs

Advanced Tapering Programs


This program is designed for athletes who are preparing to compete in a competition and are looking for an effective peaking program to prepare them physically to have an optimal performance. This program is a package of tapering programs. It includes 3 different types of tapers each with its own benefits.

This program is best for athletes who are handling a fairly high amount of volume load and are experienced athletes, ie have been doing resistance training for more then 3 years.

Step Taper: Is for athletes who are coming out of a extremely physically demanding block of training or the athlete who has decided to compete at the last minute and needs a tapering program to quickly get the ready.

Linear Taper: Is best for athletes who are moderately fatigued coming out a training block and want to slowly decrease the total training load that they are performing.

Exponential Taper: Is a taper method that is similar to the Linear Taper but has either a Fast or Slow rate of decrease in total load.

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