Iron Beaver Weightlifting has had the privilege of coaching and supporting several of Oregon’s best athletes. Here is a list of current and previous IB athletes.

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David Lamb (81kg)

2018 University World Championships 5th overall, 2018 Under 25 Silver Medalist, Oregon State Champion 2016, 2017, 2018, Oregon State Open Record Holder (85kg).

John Stang (67kg)

2017 Senior National Champion, 2016 Junior National Champion, 2016 Jr. Pan Am Bronze Medalist, 2015 American Open Silver Medalist, 2015 Senior National Snatch Bronze Medalist, Oregon State Champion 2016, 2018, Oregon State Junior & Open Record Holder (62kg & 69kg).


Kiefer Mcinvale (73kg)

American Open Finals Competitor 2018, 2018 Oregon State Champion, Oregon State Open Record Holder (73kg).

Jordan Lubbers (81kg)

American Open Finals Competitor 18’ & 19’, 2018 Oregon State Championship Bronze Medalist.


Brandi Miller (81/87kg)

American Open Finals Competitor 2019. 2018 Oregon State Champion, Oregon State Open Record Holder (87kg).

Cassie Finer (81kg)

2017 Oregon State Championship Bronze Medalist, Previous Oregon State Open Record Holder (81kg), American Open Series Competitor.


Marie Rochet (58kg)

2014 American Open Championships C&J Bronze Medalist, 2016 Oregon State Championship Silver Medalist, Previous Oregon State Open Record Holder (58kg).

Renee Saxton (64kg)

2018 Oregon State Championships Bronze Medalist.


Ron Johnson (55kg)

2019 Masters Nationals Champion, Masters American Record Holder, American Masters Record Holder, 2018 Howard Cohen American Masters Champion, Oregon State Open & Masters Record Holder.

Alise Enriquez (64kg)

Oregon State Championship Competior.


Grace Georg (81kg)

Youth National Championships Bronze Medalist, Oregon State Youth & Junior Record Holder (76kg, 81kg, 81kg+, 87kg)

Jabo Nguyen

Oregon State Championship Competitor


Kayla Kumle (75kg)

Oregon State Junior Record Holder (90kg).


Jerome Robinson (102kg)

American Open Series Competitor.


Joey Kimdon

2019 Fittest 40-44 Women, Oregon State Masters Record Holder, 2017 Masters Crossfit Games Silver Medalist, 2018 Masters Crossfit Games Bronze Medalist.

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Deborah Morera (81kg)

American Open Series Masters Bronze Medalist, Oregon State Masters Record Holder.


Jory Ness (64kg)

American Open Series Competitor.